Hospital Management System for Indus Hospitals

Managing three multispeciality and superspeciality hospitals was never so easy for Indus group!

Before using the integrated benefits of Hospital management system, Team Indus was using different software from different companies and subsidiary projects. Needless to say, the lack of integrated solutions was quite evident in the essential management. As a solution to this, Indus Healthcare IT division came up with the implementation of complete ERP Software in all branches.


ERP as a business process and module is diverse when it comes to solutions and processing needs. The business processing requirement of Indus Hospitals Group has been detailed, as much as possible, based on the discussions held with the Management Steering Committee (MSC) members and departments.


As Indus Group has three branches, we thought of implementing a server at each location. All the locations are connected though RF (Radio Frequency) with the band width from 8-20 mbps on the frequency 5.8 that is connection free at the moment. In this way we created different companies as branch office with the name as mentioned above and one virtual head office. All the data is consolidated at the head office.