Hospital Management System

The Hospital Management System (HMS) developed by Indus IT Team aims for a ‘productive paperless approach’ in essential work management. From clinical work to back office and generic management, the Hospital Management System is an ‘all-in-one’ integrated solution that provides comfort to all the related needs. Indus HMS settles for nothing but only ‘quality tested’ world class solutions- it happily fits into all kind of diverse platforms.

While the benefits of using a credible Hospital Management System are immense, some of the most potent perks are:

- Minimal requirement of labor intensive work.

- Quick access to information.

- Real Time access of information to specialists from different locations.

- Proactive decision making with the aid of timely data.

- Easy online sharing of patients’ reports.

- Affordable solutions for cross sharing and storage of data.

- Streamlines payment module.

- Sets the virtual patients at ease with the aid of cashless payment actions.

- Handy access of laboratory reports to patients.

- Easy tracking of essential work flow.

- Crisp management of payments.

- Scrutinized resource management.

- Smart options for data backup and cloud technology.

- Availability of right information at the right place.

As a gift to the integral management, HMS is not just a boon for the hospital but also for the patients. While most of the functionalities are online, it becomes easy for all to fulfill certain jobs with utmost comfort and clarity. The cloud based management system used by Indus provides ease in patient registration, virtual maintenance of records, quick generation of patient’s unique ID, anything/anywhere access of data and affordable maintenance options in the most convenient way.  From quality assurance to HR management, payroll generation, inventory management, performance assessment and patient referral system, the Hospital management system at Indus covers each and every valuable module.

Indus Healthcare, HMIS offers, Off-The-Shelf, a modular concept and flexible in terms of choosing the modules out of requirements. All such modules are listed below for the managers to choose from.

• Registration and Enquiry Management

• Appointment & Queue Management

• Electronic Medical Records (EMR) with Document management System (DMS)

• Casualty & Emergency Management

• In-patient Admission-Discharge-Transfer Management

• Pharmacy Management

• Pathology Lab Software

• Nursing and Ward Management

• Service Order Processing

• Ambulance Services Management

• Bed Census Management

• Quality Assurance and Monitoring

• Stores and Inventory Management

• Financial Accounting System

• TPA Management

• Patient Referral System

• Inventory & Purchase Management

• Management Information System (MIS)

All the modules mentioned above are integrated and will possess the ability to share and exchange information across the whole organization in real time. This will automate the work flow, manage the storage and retrieval of information centrally and render the hospital paperless.