Inventory Management System for Pharmacy

An automated cum intelligent inventory management system that manages the entire pharmacy department- now this is what Indus IT division developed in order to enhance the productivity and reduce the excessive inventory costs in the pharmacy department! With the help of Inventory Management System for Pharmacy, Indus ensures the righteous path of correct medication to the correct patient. As a server-based management system, the software integrates bar code packaging to automate the various processes of ordering, receiving, stocking and picking. Striving for the perfect bliss of patient’s satisfaction, the inventory management software at Indus includes several prominent features in one system.

The various benefits of Inventory Management System for Pharmacy:

- Increasing the efficiency and productivity in pharmacy.

- Reduces additional pharmacy cost.

- Beneficial for bulk packaging.

- Ensures comfortable work processing for pharmacist and technicians.

- Provides controlling edge to medications in the pharmacy wing.

- Improves patient care facility by promoting automation in essential activities.  

- Enables the benefits of ‘real-time’ reporting.

- Ensures ease of accessing information to the manufacturers.

- Easy tracking of drug deliveries.

- Enables convenient storage options.

From medicine labeling to packaging, refrigerating and shelving, the Inventory Management System for Pharmacy handles the various jobs in an easy going manner! In the dynamic field of medicines, relying on a labor intensive approach is unreasonable.  Using a proactive system for maintaining the pharmacy department, especially in the superspeciality wings of Indus hospital, is the need of the hour. With Inventory Management System at Indus, maintaining bulk storage in the pharmacy department, verification of all finance related transactions, integration of stocks, scrutinizing medication inventory, and exercising secure auditing is intelligently automated. Discover a streamlined procedure of procuring reports and managing various roles in the pharmacy department with the aid of this software.


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