Online Tender Management System

For making an organization successful, the requirement of a Tender Management System is a must! Be it manual or automated, the idea is to ensure the systematic flow of Tender management. While it is nearly impossible to avoid errors in the manual process of Tender management, choosing an automated electronic system is the need of the hour. Online Tender Management System used by Indus IT division weaves the comfort of automated tender processing that is both volumes and quality pact. For making the Tender job easier for an organization, the software ensures ease in essential usage powered within affordable solutions. The key feature of this amazing Tender management software includes convenient reporting, easy updating and productive sourcing.

Potential Benefits of Tender Management System:

- Reduces the unwanted administration pressure of managing tenders.

- Ensures a secured method for tender management.

- Makes the process ‘errorless’ and ‘on time’.

- Creates master templates for the different types of sourcing activities.

- Cuts the unnecessary wastage of time in the drafting process.

- Provides access to the complete audit trail (from changes, updates to questions and answers).

- Ease in automatic sending and receiving of tenders.

- Reduces the extra cost required for preparation and distribution.

- Negates the chances of low-quality submissions.

- Provides a security-enabled base for tender management.

The ability to manage the entire tender-related work with ease and comfort is vital for a system- this is the distinctive edge of tender management system used at Indus! The significant capacity of storing data and historical tenders for further reference, automating the process of notification, issuing tender request in the on-line mode, sharing a limited access of password with few users and exercising unanimous control over the system is important when it comes to a tender management system. At Indus, we make sure to integrate each and every solution in the best possible way.